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2015 Winner

Violet Roumeliotis
CEO, Settlement Services International


Passionate about helping asylum seekers join communities, Roumeliotis has an extensive background in advocating for and developing services for vulnerable and at-risk communities and individuals.


Roumeliotis has more than 30 years involvement, in both a professional and voluntary capacity, in human resource and project management. She has developed specialised knowledge and skills in working with people of non-English speaking backgrounds and culturally diverse communities, refugees and humanitarian entrants, families in crisis, women and children at risk. Under her leadership SSI has grown from a staff of less than 70 just three years ago, to over 500 in 2014.

“She is a light for the refugees and asylum seekers. She is very humble and assertive at the same time. She values people’s different culture and works towards a common goal for equal opportunities in Australia.”



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