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2015 Winner

Romal Baluchzada 

Founder, Radio Khurasaan Zamin


A refugee from Afghanistan, Baluchzada arrived in Australia five years ago. Previously working as a civil engineer for the Afghanistan government’s Ministry of Public Works, Baluchzada was a project manager of key works in charge of a budget of $400 million.


After arriving in Australia he decided on a career change and studied human services at Charles Sturt University. He has since become an activist, fighting child marriages, and works as a team leader at Settlement Services International. He founded his own radio show where he talks about Australian law and human rights. Since arriving he has been called upon by Afghani media organisations to provide commentary on human rights issues.

“A true inspiration. Romal has only been here for five years and yet he has become known as a hardworking and kind person who fights for human rights issues around the world.”



Radio Khurasaan Zamin

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