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2015 Winner


Malcolm Turnbull

Prime Minister of Australia


Success in the corporate and government sectors has seen Turnbull build a resilience he will likely need in his new job. Since taking office, Turnbull has spruiked the charity sector, calling on other successful business people to embrace philanthropy.


One of his first acts as Prime Minister, appointing the relatively unknown Christian Porter to Minister for Social Services, took the social sector by surprise. While many of his formal positions remain to be unveiled, as Australia’s top politician, Turnbull could make or break the Not for Profit sector, making his choice as a member of Impact 25 an obvious one.


“A man who knows what it takes to to be successful when you have little to fall back on. His comments about the importance of philanthropy shortly after becoming Prime Minister gave the sector an immediate boost. As our top politician, he will continue to have a great deal of influence over the charity and Not for Profit sector.”



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