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2015 Winner


Kerry Stubbs

CEO, Northcott


Stubbs runs one of the largest providers of support and services for people with disabilities and their families living in NSW and the ACT. She joined Northcott in 2008 after working as the Executive Director of St Vincent’s Hospital and Sacred Heart Hospice, responsible for overseeing a significant increases in services.


Stubbs was an early embracer of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, with her organisation breaking new ground by hiring a Marketing Manager to help build its public profile under the initiative. Impressively fluent in four languages, under Stubb’s leadership Northcott was the only Not for Profit named one of the most innovative companies in the BRW Innovative Companies 2015 list.


“Kerry is a great advocate for equal rights for people with disability and believes people with disability should have the same choices and opportunities as others in our community. She has championed Northcott’s unique initiatives… and is also a strong supporter of giving people with disability the opportunity to share their stories, make their own decisions and contribute ideas and solutions that will ultimately improve their own lives.”



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