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Heidi Everett

Founder and Director

Schizy Inc.

Heidi Everett

Heidi is a true leader who, as one with lived experience, had an idea that is changing how we understand and approach schizophrenia. She is a collaborator who seeks to bring others with lived experience along on her way to reducing stereotyping, stigma and alienation and enhancing personal growth and healing through the creative arts. Heidi is a polymath who can turn her hand at anything - singing, song writing, painting, film making, stand up comedy, event management and writing (recently published acclaimed biography: 'My Friend Fox'). She is a disability advocate and public speaker, and a caring person who inspires all people who know her, and she regularly contributes to policy development. She founded Schizy Inc. as a charity in 2016 after years of paying for her advocacy and arts work in schizophrenia from her own pocket.

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