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Milly Bannister

Founder and Director

ALLKND Youth Mental Health

Milly Bannister

Milly Bannister is the passionate founder and director of ALLKND (pronounced all-kind), a not-for-profit organisation reducing the national youth suicide rate by teaching Australia's first digital, peer-to-peer mental health first aid program at scale around the country. After her own challenging and isolating experience as a 15-year-old supporting a close friend through suicidal ideation and self-harm, and consequentially developing her own mental health issues, she figured it was time Aussie youth were given the chance to empower themselves with evidence-based, preventative, peer-to-peer mental health first aid education. ALLKND is on a mission to inspire compassion, smash the stigma and #saveyounglives by impacting 1 million and 1 young people in Australia and reduce youth mental illness-related fatalities one brave human at a time.

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