2021 Award Nominees

Agha Yamamah

general manager of Service Delivery Settlement / Settlement Services International

Yamanah provides strategic leadership for all settlement programs at not-for-profit organisation Settlement Services International (SSI) which supports newcomers and other vulnerable Australians to prosper. Settlement programs at SSI include the Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP), Immigration Advice and Application Assistance Scheme (IAAAS), Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) program and Settlement Services. Yamanah has over 15 years’ experience assisting new arrivals to settle in Australia, with a strong passion for delivering social justice to refugees and vulnerable groups in need. Yamanah has a particular interest in women's rights and supporting and empowering refugee women and their families to reach their full potential.

Barry Vanessa

executive officer of St. George Foundation

Vanessa is passionate about creating positive social impact and helping for-purpose organisations achieve their aims. Since 2014 Vanessa has been executive officer of St.George Foundation, encompassing Bank of Melbourne and BankSA Foundations. In this role, she has advocated for long-term change through philanthropy that recognises the needs of grassroots community organisations. Prior to this Vanessa spent ten years in international communications before turning her passion for philanthropy into a career. She worked firstly in arts development for the ACO and then as director of philanthropy at the United Nations Children’s Fund. She has served on various not-for-profit boards and committees.

Baxter Louise

chief executive officer of Starlight Children's Foundation

With extensive leadership experience in senior executive roles in the “profit for purpose” and corporate sectors, Louise's strengths are in defining a vision, providing the leadership required for alignment, and in having the energy and resilience to implement. Louise thrives in fast moving environments where innovation and change are part of the culture. She considers innovation as change which adds value and sees technology as a tool to enable more of the “human” in all interactions. Recognising the power of collaboration and playing to strengths, Louise drives performance through people, and on building mutually beneficial and respectful relationships.

Bevan Tracy

ambassador and director of McGrath Foundation

As Jane McGrath’s best friend, Tracy helped set up the McGrath Foundation in 2002 after Jane was re-diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, she is a director and member of the staff of the McGrath Foundation, helping keep Jane’s vision alive. Tracy represents the Foundation by travelling around the country and speaking at different events to raise awareness about the vital role the McGrath Foundation plays in funding McGrath Breast Care Nurses in the community and encouraging greater breast health understanding.

Broer Sharyn

chief executive officer of Meals on Wheels SA Inc

Under Sharyn’s guidance and leadership, Meals on Wheels SA’s 7000 dedicated volunteers deliver ‘more than just a meal’ to thousands of South Australians every weekday. Since taking over the reins of Meals on Wheels SA in 2010, Sharyn has positioned this iconic organisation to best deliver on the future changing needs of South Australians who are nutritionally and socially at risk. Sharyn is also president of Meals on Wheels Australia. She loves leading Meals on Wheels at a state and national level because their work tangibly nourishes the bodies and souls of consumers and volunteers, and strengthens communities.